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Tricks To Sharpen Your Kid’s Memory Power
July 02, 2021

Is it difficult for your little one to remember a piece of information related to some task while doing some other thing? Memory is critical for building a solid foundation for learning in school and beyond. However, not everyone is born with a strong memory. There are various methods and fun activities for kids that can increase and sharpen their memory power. A child must work on their muscle memory regularly to master the art.


Kids frequently use working memory to learn. Working memory refers to the tiny quantity of data that our mind stores and uses to perform cognitive activities. It's essential for tasks like following logical reasoning for kids or mentally solving a math issue. By incorporating basic tactics into your child's daily routine, you can help them enhance their working memory.

Playing Memory-Boosting Games

Playing memory-boosting games with kids is possible both online and offline. The goal of these memory games is to engage the child's mind in an enjoyable way to remember what they are learning. There are a variety of word games that kids can play to help improve memory, such as crossword puzzles, sudoku, chess, etc. Engaging kids in online hobby classes such as Yellow Class can help to sharpen their memory power and increase their interest.


Working On Visualisation Abilities

Encourage your kids to visualize what they've just heard or read in their heads. Assume you've instructed your child to set the table for a group of five people. Allow your child to imagine and draw how the table should look. As children become more adept at envisioning, they will describe and draw the image of what they read or hear. Yellow Class conducts drawing classes for kids, which will help them visualize and draw the things they imagine which can ultimately improve their learning and memory.

Multi-Sensory And Multi-Dimensional Teaching

Children can benefit from a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional approach to learning that incorporates sound, touch, and sight. Reading a book aloud while using props also engages kids and allows them to connect with the materials. The teachers at Yellow Class use animation to teach the kids, which helps them remember things better.


Encourage Kids To Read Actively

There's a reason sticky notes and highlighters are so popular. They help kids remember better. Making notes and underlining or highlighting literature can assist children in remembering information long enough to answer questions about the things they learn. Working memory can also increase by speaking aloud and asking questions about the reading material. Active reading techniques like these can also aid in the strengthening of long-term memory.


Memory games and tricks are just a few of the ways you can help your child develop executive functioning skills. Free online hobby courses and activities can assist children in improving their memory and learning skills. In addition to these suggestions, youngsters require a lot of physical activity to keep their minds healthy and engaged.

Yellow class is an online platform where kids can learn through various online hobby classes such as dancing, storytelling, yoga, and other activities. Yellow Class constantly updates the Calendar with the required materials, timings, and other information before the class. Enrolling your kids here can help increase their memory and help them learn things better.

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