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Top 3 ways to develop self-discipline in kids
August 24, 2021

Parents have countless responsibilities when it comes to the upbringing of their kids. Teaching self-discipline to kids is one of the most important responsibilities. Easier said than done, teaching self-discipline to kids has many hidden challenges. Do not worry! Here are the top 3 ways that you can follow to teach your kids self-discipline:

  1. Make your Kids Follow a Routine

 Make a routine for your kid to follow every day. Following the same schedule every day will make them understand the value of planning their time wisely. For example, when you set a good morning routine, your kids know when it’s time to brush their teeth, comb their hair, and eat their breakfast. Make them complete their homework on time or attend their online hobby classes. Once your kids get used to the routine, the good habits they inculcate become a part of their life. 

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You can also enrol your kids in fun activities online where they enjoy to the fullest. Make these activities a part of their routine to break the monotony. Who knows, your kid starts waking up on time only to attend their favourite hobby classes online. 


2. Let them learn from their mistakes:

 Sometimes, learning from mistakes can be far better than learning directly. For example, if your kid always forgets the lunch box, he won’t learn to take it if you always deliver the lunch to their school. Let them face the natural consequences, like staying hungry during recess. Facing the natural consequences of their laxes might help them develop the habit of carrying the lunch box every day. This may sound cruel but trust us, let them take that fall.Your kids also need logical consequences sometimes. For example, do not let them watch their favourite cartoon if they watch tv for more hours than they are allowed to. However, it is crucial not to force them, instead make them understand why they get the punishment or face the consequences. 


3. Make your kids learn from you and give rewards:

Kids follow in the footsteps of their parents. Or in simple words, they learn many things from their parents. So, if you do things like saying thank you, please or sorry, talking politely, pulling a chair or opening the door for someone else, washing your hands before and after the meals, keeping things organized, your kids catch on to such things and follow. 

Giving rewards to your kids could be also quite helpful. For example; if they complete their homework on time, reward them with their favourite ice cream. Such small rewards can motivate good behaviour.

Image Source: Pexels


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