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Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Teach Your Kids At Home
August 24, 2021

No one is born a good learner. While individual personality plays a vital role in the child’s willingness to learn, it isn’t enough. Teachers and Parents need to step up and ensure children get all the resources they need to become their optimal selves.

A common mistake committed by caretakers is limiting learning to the classroom. Although it makes for a decent primary source of instruction, classroom learning isn’t enough. Social, intellectual, and academic growth must extend outside the realms of a classroom. 

So if you really want to enhance your child’s ability to learn and grow, it’s essential to teach them at home too. But how do you make learning enjoyable and productive for them at home? Here are a few efficient ways to teach your kids at home. 

Most Effective Ways To Teach Your Kids At Home 

1. Encourage Communication 


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As children develop their thought process at a young age, you must engage in and encourage open communication. In order to push them to ponder over things, you can ask them open-ended questions. Every time they reply with an answer, ask a question in return. 

This constant back and forth will propel them to think harder and provide them with a safe space to learn. Moreover, it’d push kids to devise new ideas and instil in them new ways of thinking. 

2. Teaching Through Games 

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Another effective way to teach your kid is by using games like chess, charades, and more. It improves your child’s imagination and enhances their physical and emotional development. Plus, it’d also push them to take initiative. 

At Yellow Class, we have many fun kids activities and ideas on experiments to do at home that you must watch for. Moreover, there are online kids classes and kids stories sessions to help kids learn through storytelling and drama play. 

3. Introduce Different Learning Styles 

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Every kid doesn’t have the same learning style or preference. While some children have a dominant learning style, others use a blend of multiple styles. Some kids learn better through reading while others grasp better through visuals. That said, there isn’t one right or wrong preference or style of learning. It all depends upon what works for the kid. 

As a parent, you must help your kid figure out the learning style that works best for them. And how can you achieve that? By introducing different learning styles to them early on in their life. For instance, if your kid is a visual learner, it’s ideal to portray how something gets done or how things work. 


For kids, learning also begins at home. As a parent, you can use different techniques and methods to teach your kid optimally at home. We’ve mentioned some of the most effective techniques that you can use to teach your kids efficiently. Yellow Class also offers numerous kids indoor activities and fun activities online that your child can attend from the comfort of their home. Happy teaching! 

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