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10 Fun Things To Do This Summer Vacation For Kids
June 14, 2023

Summer vacations are here already, and we all know it is double shift work for the parents. It's hard to manage the office pressure and with all the professional chores, parents have to make sure that they are giving quality time to their kids' education. That's tough; isn't it?

With COVID 19 being a part of our lives, it's hard for parents to let their children play outside because of the constant fear of the pandemic. All this hustle-bustle between [professional and household chores is making things exhausting and draining for parents.

Giving kids access to the internet and hoping they engage in productive activities is also worrisome for parents because they can only control much.

Adding further to this list of chores for the day is the tedious task of finding fun activities for your little ones in the comfort of your home. But, you don't have to worry much now as Yellow Class is here to give you a much-needed break from thinking about what's apt for your kids. Look no further and enrol your kid with us to give your kids a platform where he/she can learn while having fun.

We are here to provide you with the top 10 activities your kids can participate in to spend a fun, worthwhile, and educational summer along with Yellow Class.

1. Art of Self-Defense:

Instead of letting your child watch violent shows and movies, teach them to defend themselves with this Art of Self-Defense class on Yellow Class. It not only helps them to boost their confidence and strength but also develops their personality.

2. Solve Curiosity:

Are your little geniuses eager to dive into the unexplored pool of knowledge? If so, enrol them in the Yellow Class Curious Mind Summer Program and give them a chance to know the unknown with fun and entertaining classes.

3. Step up with different dance activities:

Give a platform to your little dancers to try groovy moves this summer vacation with the Dance Summer Camp program on Yellow Class. Let your child explore different dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Lyrical with this program.

4. Learn programming through scratch coding:

Computer geniuses are not born differently; they build themselves differently. Instil those skills early and make your child the next great coder by building a strong foundation with Yellow Class Coding Summer Camp.

5. Learn the art of theatre:

Give your little dramebaaz a platform to hone those acting skills. Let them learn with Yellow Class Acting Summer Camp and push our little future actors/actresses one step towards their bright future.

6. Polish Art and Dance Skills:

Is your kid a multi-tasker or pumped up with too much energy? Enrol them on the Yellow Class Champion of Art and Dance Summer Camp Program. From learning to shake their legs to popular Bollywood songs to creating masterful artworks, this program helps in building different skills and moulding them into true artists.

7. Pre-School Camps:

Giving an academic head start to your little kid is the best way to spend a fully-enriched summer vacation. Make your child school-ready with developed motor skills with Yellow Class Pre-School Summer Camp.

8. Get started with Canva:

Make your kids the masters of designing digital art. Save paper and amplify their creative minds with the Yellow Class Canva Masterclass Summer Camp program.

9. Learn with the Montessori Approach:

Make your kids into responsible, bright and creative adults early in their development with the Yellow Class Montessori Approach Summer Camp program. Enjoy the journey through adventure and fantasy land and forest safari-themed educational sessions to take care of your child’s holistic development.

10. S.T.E.M. Summer Camp:

Give your child a treasure trove of practical and theoretical knowledge for their holistic development. Enrol them on Yellow Class S.T.E.M. Summer Camp and see their development yourselves.

The expenses of summer vacation activities can burn a hole in your pocket, and we fully understand that. And this is why Yellow Class provides several online summer camp activities and classes at an affordable price! Didn't we make your life as a parent a little easier? 

Hurry up and enrol your kids on Yellow Class Summer Camp program, and have a relaxing and fun summer.