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Smarter ways to teach your kid almost anything
August 24, 2021

Every parent wants their child to do well in school and become an avid learner. That is why they leave no stone unturned when it comes to their child’s education. 

In the current landscape, there’s so much that you can teach your children. From languages, math, and art to soft skills, the list is neverending. But with so much to instil, how does one ensure the teaching process is swift and faultless? Here’s how. 


1. Make the Process Enjoyable 

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There’s nothing that bores kids more than a dull instructor. That is why you must make the learning process enjoyable for them. If you make them feel that you also enjoy learning about something and make the process fun for them, it can do wonders. 

Engage and interact with your child instead of merely instructing them to do something. Moreover, try to use graphics and illustrations when you teach them. Most kids tend to remember visuals. Many parents tend to read to their kids. Instead, you can try reading with your child to keep it interactive. 


2. Teach Backwards 

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Once you’ve covered a specific topic or skill with your kid, teach them the same thing in reverse. It is a quicker and easier way to learn and remember things. So start from the end, move on to the middle and then to the beginning. 

Due to this, your kid will also feel confident and is more likely to remember things. Teaching backwards also makes for an impeccable revision technique. Plus, knowing how to sing the alphabet backwards is a pretty neat trick. 


3. Involve them in a Hobby 

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A hobby could be anything. From drawing for kids, painting for kids to DIY crafts, everything is a hobby. But how will they help you teach your kid? Hobbies require active learning that are vital for development. 

The good thing about hobbies is that they allow kids to learn coordination and the art of following instructions properly. So, in a way, they help your kid with other subjects and boost their overall development. Yellow Class offers numerous options that allow kids to explore new skills and hobbies on a daily basis.

You can check out our hobbies list in the explore section for the same. Plus, we also have hobby classes ideas that parents can use. 



The process of teaching is as important as what’s being taught. As a parent, you must opt for techniques that make learning fun. You can explore various fun activities for kids on Yellow Class!