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Signs of Your Kids Suffering Burnout, & How to Help Them
August 24, 2021

Outdoors are fun, but indoors more so. The best part is, you can bring outdoor activities indoors, while you cannot do the opposite. Spending time away from the hub-hub of outdoors helps in creating a beautiful bond between kids and parents, while giving you a much-needed break. Online hobby classes are an amazing way to keep family engaged, yes, but if you want to catch a break from hobbies, this article is for you. 

Today, we explore five ways to bring a family together indoors and celebrate life, love, and happiness together. 

Build your Kitchen Garden


Start your kitchen garden and watch the little plants come to life with the love and care you pour in. Get your family in your yard or near the kitchen window and choose the kind of plant and seeds you want. This is also a great DIY activity for kids. 

Organize an Indoor Walk

Walking indoors is a great way to stretch your limbs and burn some energy. Select a spacious area like your hallway or the terrace or take a small walk around all the rooms of your house. This is a wonderful way to spend time with family.

Virtual Picnic Time

Whoever said you need to go out to enjoy picnics doesn’t know what they are talking about. Get a soft pullover, a picnic basket, and a few books and board games that your children may like to play. Get this stuff in your living room, patio, or terrace. Make the day delicious by cooking food together with your partner and children. You can also take it online and play virtual games with your extended family to add more fun to the picnic day. If your kids are little, try adding some kids stories to your day to make it fun for them.

Play an Indoor Bowling Game

Play a game of indoor bowling in your living room. Organize a games night, get your bowling set, and challenge your kids. It will be a great way to have fun, win and also get your body moving. You can also enrol your kids in free online hobby classes by Yellow Class to teach them other fun indoor sports. 

Bring the RestaurantPizza Party at Home


You know what’s better than having a pizza party at your favourite Pizza Point? Bringing that party home! Pizza, combined with the feeling that you cooked it from scratch yourself, will make any day a better day. So, line up vegetables, fruits, or anything else you like to add in your pizza. Marinate them for a couple of hours, then cook them in your oven and enjoy a great pizza party! Involve your kids in these chores to make a simple Pizza day engaging. This is an interesting form of kids' activities at home.


A family that plays and rejuvenates together, stays together. These activities are essential for reducing the levels of stress hormones and improving cognitive abilities. We hope these activities help you get the best out of indoors. 

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