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Meditation for Kids: Top 5 Ways To Get Started
August 24, 2021

Meditation has many benefits, even for kids. It keeps them calm so that they can channel their energy in the right direction. Kids learn how to keep their mind at peace in early years through meditation. At the same time, they develop self-control, empathy, balance and focus. 


Introducing meditation to your children could be a tricky task as kids are always hyperactive. Here are five ways that might help you on this journey: 

  • Start with a deep breathing exercise at bedtime: Your child needs to learn how to be calm and composed while meditating. Hence, the first step should be teaching them deep breathing exercises. It helps in maintaining focus and decluttering the mind, which eventually leads to calmness. 

Start by taking three long, deep breaths daily at bedtime along with your kid to get them into practice. You can eventually increase the number of breaths depending on their response. 

  • Use mind’s power: Anyone who starts meditating has to rely on their mind’s power to stay focused. The good thing is children already have a very creative and curious mind free from all the pressure and stress. You have to channel them in the right direction to help them learn how to steer this creativity towards meditation. 

One way is to encourage them to read their favourite stories. This can train them in paying undivided attention to something. The power to concentrate is the first step to meditation.

  • Narrate a story while they are meditating: Kids, especially preschoolers, are super active. It is not easy to make them sit in a particular position with a focused mind. You can start by telling them a story or a poem in a calming voice at bedtime so that they learn how to focus while keeping their eyes closed. 

Using already available podcasts and audio files for this purpose can also be a good alternative. 

  • Teach your kid the correct posture: Try practising meditation with your kids by sitting straight and cross-legged with them. Encourage them to keep their hands straight on the knee while holding their thumb with the ring finger. Alternatively, they can also keep palms at praying positions. 

Now continue with the breathing exercise discussed in step 1 for approximately five minutes. Initially, let them keep their eyes open and gradually practise with closed eyes. 

  • Reinforce the importance of meditation in your kid’s mind: Teaching them the process isn’t enough to inculcate the daily habit of meditation in your child. You should also tell them why they are doing it. Explain the importance of meditation by weaving a story-like narrative around it and get them interested.

For more interesting content about kids, look into the website of Yellowclass, an online hobby class offering 45 programs in 16+ skills. Yellow Class offers story podcasts that you can play for your child while they are meditating. Let’s not forget that the whole purpose of meditation is to relax the mind and make space for some peaceful moments after a long hectic day. 

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