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How To Teach Your Kids About Gender Equality
August 24, 2021

All parents want their children to grow up in a world where everyone is treated equally, and with respect. A world that is free of gender-based discrimination; a world where your kids do not feel the pressure to fit into priorly set standards based on their gender. 

Gender equality exists when people are given equal rights irrespective of their gender. Believe it or not, it impacts people coming from all backgrounds and belonging to all age groups. 

More and more people are being sensitized towards gender equality in today’s world. There is no good reason behind leaving your children out of discussions involving gender equality. In fact, as parents, it becomes a duty to teach your kids about the society that we live in, and gender equality is an essential component of it. 

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So how can parents teach their kids about gender equality?

It Starts at Home

Set the right example for your kids right from their childhood years. Children absorb and reproduce what they often observe in their surroundings. A good place to start will be both parents taking up household chores equally. This will create a good impression on the child as they will think that no household chore is designated to a particular gender. 

Do Not Put Restrictions on Activities

Don’t make the mistake of conditioning your child to participate in only a few activities that may fit what we call “standards” of their gender. Leave them free to explore all that they want to. It doesn’t matter if they want to try out cooking, pottery, painting, or any other activity. It will be best to let them discover their interests without any conditions.


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Enrolling your kids in hobby classes online can be very useful in helping them discover new hobbies and perhaps, even master one!  

Monitor What They Interact With

We live in a diverse world where people from all races, religions, genders and age groups come together and interact with each other on a regular basis. Most children spend a lot of their time online. It is important that parents of young kids supervise the content that their kids are being exposed to. 

There may be content that promotes the superiority of one race or one gender over the other. Children should be kept as far away as possible from such content. Rather, take time out every day for some online hobby classes where your kids get to be in an enriching environment and also get entertained through fun activities online. 

Introduce New Role Models

Acquaint your children with the people around them (or anywhere else in the world) who are smashing gender stereotypes that exist in our society. Perhaps introduce them to a woman who is a cab driver, or a man who is a nurse! Anything that challenges stereotypes is good exposure.


Gender equality is an essential topic that needs to be taught to kids just like any other subject. It is all about taking that initiative for your kids and being mindful of the example that you set for them. Children who are not bound by gender-based stereotypes right from a young age can be considered as better positioned to become confident and responsible young adults. 

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