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How to Teach Your 5+ Years the Skill of Self-Learning
June 12, 2021

Development of creative growth requires the art of self-learning. By self-learning various concepts, your child can expand their knowledge to great extents without any assistance! As we move into a rapidly progressing world where new technology requires new skills, the only way to keep up is by continuously adding to your knowledge through self-learning. The best time to start the journey of self-learning is right from childhood!

Parents raising self-learners have realised the need for their kids to become good at self-learning in ways that are not possible in the traditional passive system of formal education. 

So, How Can Parents Help their Kids to Become Self-Learners?

Here are various steps to become a self-learner that parents can use to motivate their children to adopt the art of self-learning.

Start with fun activities

The key to raising a self learner is to start from an early age. Use joyful and entertaining activities like dancing, singing and playing to teach your child basic vocabulary, rhymes and numbers. 

It will be easier for your child to memorise these concepts when they can connect it with positive feelings like joy and happiness. Practising it for a long run will build a strong foundation for your child’s self-learning journey. Later, they will start using such similar creative ways to retain new knowledge.

Learning from Surrounding 

Make use of as many real-life examples as you can. Complex subjects like Mathematics will become your child’s best friend if you repeatedly show them how their surroundings can teach them all about numbers and geometry. 

Take it further by familiarising them with scientific processes that occur in their surroundings. For example, start explaining to your child about photosynthesis the next time you visit a park! Their understanding will increase when they witness these concepts beyond the world of textbooks. This will make them observe and learn more from their surroundings by themselves.

Teaching How to Deal with Failures

While it is always a good idea to celebrate success, inculcate in them a habit to embrace failure too. Teach them the importance of making an effort no matter what the outcome. The more your child learns how to deal with failure, the less they will fear it while trying something new, improving themselves or applying their new self-learned knowledge. 

For example, help them embrace their failures by creating days like ‘Failure Fridays’ to discuss everyone’s setback, to make them understand that failure is not something to be ashamed of.

Become their Best Cheerleader

Appreciate your kids for the smallest of their efforts in the path of self-learning. Pin a star to their picture every time they take a step forward in this direction. Make them believe in this one simple statement about themselves, “I can do it!” When your child believes that they can, they will!

Benefits of Self-learning

There are some scientifically proven advantages of raising a self learner. Here are some of them.

·     Skills like reasoning and problem-solving for kids become easier to develop when children acquire brilliant cognitive abilities through self-learning.

·     Self-confidence of a child who practices self-learning will skyrocket. By learning themselves, your child will acquire new skills and new knowledge that will make them more confident and independent. 

·     Once your child sets on the journey of self-directed learning, their levels of skill and speed of learning will improve and quicken.

.    By self-learning, your child will develop strong intellectual powers that will make them shine bright in their fields of interest.

Online Sources for Kids for Self-learning

Raising self-learners can be a tedious task for parents, especially when everything has shifted to online learning. There are many digital platforms like online libraries and self-paced courses that your child can make use of to build their creative writing and reading skills, along with improving their mathematical and scientific aptitude. 

Yellow Class, as a self-learning platform for kids, has gained the trust of many parents. It has over 45 programs that have been carefully curated to nurture 16+ skills in your child under the guidance of inspiring mentors who understand your child’s needs and cater to them generously.

From drawing, coffee painting, cooking to general knowledge and having fun with yoga, there is a broad collection of programs just waiting for your child to come and explore!

We hope this ultimate guide to online self-learning for kids helped you understand how to help your child become a self-learner and encouraged you to make your child a self-learner starting today!

Yellow Class is the best guide for your child on their self-learning journey to achieving greatness!

Being familiar with the endless benefits and the best sources for self-learning, start your kid’s self-learning journey today and open the gates to infinite opportunities for them!


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