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How to Raise Kids That Will Grow Up to Change the World
February 09, 2021

“A Child is the Father of a Man” is rightly said, because a character developed in childhood stays with that child forever.

It has been scientifically proven that most children develop brain connections through their everyday experiences, which can last for a lifetime. So, your lessons and parenting attitude is going to impact your kid’s future mindset.

With that in mind, connect with Yellow Class to discover your kids’ full potential and enrol them in a Kids Program to add value to their mental ability and foster daily experiences.

Well, here we have underlined a few tips for working mothers in regards to the personality development programs for kids because children are the future of tomorrow.

Foster their Creativity

Creativity is the catalyst of success for any idea. It gives a mental boost to your thought process, and that’s how you come up with a solution to any problem at hand.

Same is with children, when they are stuck at home either due to bad weather or unexpected school closure, try to foster their creativity through various activities. Arrange indoor activities for kids, sit with them, create DIY masterpieces, break out the board games, and bake or decorate the sweets.


This activity for kids could be a starting point for creative thinking, followed by analytical thinking that develops their brain faster.

Make them Courageous

With so many scary and sad things happening lately, your parenting attitude must make your kids bold, strong, and courageous to clear off any hurdle and get going to change the world. Personality development for kids is important, and therefore, parents must empathetically listen and observe their child.

Help your kid ease the situation and control yourself from any kind of sudden outbursts of emotions like anger, fear, and frustrating behavior. This can negatively impact your child. You must break down his fear into small conquerable steps, so he starts believing in ‘he can’.

Teach the Right Use of Technology

A child’s mind is like a plain paper; it knows no right, no wrong. Therefore, parents must share the right lessons and thoughts to fill the paper with ethics and discipline.

However, changing the world requires adaptation to technology. Now, various schools are also starting online classes for kids. Therefore, as parents, it is your duty to make your kids tech-friendly but, at the same time, sit with them, observe their grasping powers and retention spirit, and help them foster.


Apart from studying, watching videos, and playing online games can also strengthen the receptivity of a child, but at the same time, keep an eye on their actions and behavior.

So, introduce them to technology, but, this should not turn into an addiction.

Teach to be Kind and Compassionate

As a parent or a teacher, we hope that our children turn into kind and compassionate beings. There might come a time when your child acts selfishly, cruelly, or disregard elders, it is then your responsibility to correct them. If this is not corrected today, adulthood could be more challenging.

In order to correct such behavior or invoke compassion, you can share highly inspirational stories of kindness with your kids and impart kindness without directly teaching them. Praise them for their small achievements, smile often, try empathy charades, and most importantly, create a kind and compassionate atmosphere.


A child may become successful tomorrow, but, to change the world, he first, needs to be a better person today, and such efforts must start from now onwards!

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