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How To Make Screen Time More Productive For Kids
August 24, 2021

If you are a parent and the thought of optimising screen time for your child is something that bothers you, you’re not alone. Many parents of tiny tots and teenagers are in the same boat, increased screen time has become a  major concern for parents. 

Parents need to enter into the scenario to make screen time for their kids productive. You need to make sure that you become your child’s best companion instead of an electronic gadget. If you can do this, your job is halfway done. Doing this will definitely keep things under control, and your kids will gain knowledge, age-appropriate skills, and fun out of their screen time. We promise that you’ll sigh in relief!

Here are few interesting ways to make your kids’ screen time productive:

Interact during screen time to encourage their imagination  

This method will help you keep track of your child’s internet habits, and it won’t give them a chance to stay glued to their screens. You can play educational games and motivate them to watch age-appropriate TV shows or videos. This will allow you to dive deep into conversation with your children. Talk about their favourite characters and events in the stories and shows that they watch.  It will help enhance their imagination, and this will pave the way for curiosity and creativity.

Introduce the STEM concept via educational games

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The internet is both an endless pool of knowledge and a means to pass time. It is up to parents to give children a meaningful and thought-provoking direction. Enrolling your children in educational or skill development classes will help them understand the brighter side of the internet. Take out some time to find online classes which can introduce your kids to the amazing world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It will save them from falling prey to meaningless things available on the internet. 

STEM activities will help your kids understand new and exciting concepts and will help form a strong foundation for higher learning. With digital technology on the rise, brainstorming activities will keep them ahead of time and their peers as well.

Set time limits and promote creativity

Limiting screen hours will fix everything else around your kids. It will help them get an adequate amount of sleep, play, and they’ll spend more quality time with their grandparents, parents and siblings at home. 

You, as a parent, can find effective ways to engage your tiny tots or teenage children to learn coding, writing, drawing, and brain games. 

Yellow Class can help your child develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, foster creativity, and build aptitude. Search for online classes that can make them move ten steps closer to their dream of becoming an artist through dancing, singing, crafts, sketching, and drawing classes for kids. Keep the doors open for exploring the creative world on a digital level.

To sum it up:

The methods shared above will help kids utilise their screen time productively, and will save them from harming their overall health. Moreover, parents should lead as an ideal example for their kids to utilise screen time wisely. This will help children understand the fine line between wasting time and utilizing time, which is a great achievement indeed! Yellow Class is an online platform that has a large collection of online hobby classes for children. You and your children can explore new skills on a daily basis with Yellow Class.