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How to Make Kids More Joyful and Less of a Cry Baby
May 29, 2021



This is no secret that a cry baby is difficult to handle. Being a parent, you must be aware of the anxious feeling when your little one starts tearing up for no reason. 

Young kids are stubborn. Most of the times, when their demands aren’t fulfilled, they create a fuss and bawling starts. 

Some children are more sensitive than others. Parents also worry about what to do when a child is crying and how to deal with a child that cries over everything? There is no doubt that parents will go to any length to make their kids smile. Following are some effective things to say when kids cry:

  • If they are unable to do something, tell them you are in their team and help them. It gives them the courage to try new things, as they feel supported.
  • Tell them that you understand their state of mind when they are sad, reinforcing the trust to express themselves to others.
  • Give them a tight hug, because sometimes, when words fall short, a simple action can do wonders. 
  • Ask them the real reason for crying and assure them that you will provide a solution to them. 

The well-being of children is indeed essential to parents. You can find hundreds of advice and happy child quotes on how to nurture smart kids or how to make your child succeed in life, but rarely someone answers, what do you actually need to do to raise happy children?

Importance of Being Joyful

For most parents, nurturing happy kids is the ultimate achievement of parenting. The reason for this idea of achievement is due to the long term benefits children get for being happy, which are as follow:

Long Term Benefits:

  • Delighted children tend to become more productive in their job and have successful careers in the long run.
  • Joyous kids are more preventive to illness and even have higher recovery rates.
  • Happy kids tend to maintain healthy relations with others since they are more social and generous.
  • It allows them to handle stress and anxiety in a better way. 
  • Cheerful little ones tend to have high imaginative skills; thus, they can see the big picture. This in turn can help them understand their goals in life.
  • It also makes the kid more confident and outgoing.

A 2017 report states that being happy does not merely make you feel better but also has many health benefits, such as 

  • Active lifestyle
  • Better immune system
  • Reduced stress
  • Stronger bones and muscles

Thus, it also answers the question of many parents, i.e., how to make your child successful in life since being joyful gives a lot of rewards to a person.

Simple and Easy Activities for Kids to be Happier and Joyful

The following are some simple ways that can make your child a happy child:

  • Deep Breathing and Visualisation

Sometimes these simple exercises can work wonders for your child. Visualizing their happy place and practising deep breathing and gratitude will help them understand their emotions better and not fuss and cry over everything. 

  • Encourage Your Child to be Strong and Brave 

Encourage your child to be brave and strong through different bedtime stories. Remind them of the stories whenever you see waterworks start.

  • Set Rules for Demands

If your kid keeps crying so that you lose patience and give in to the demands, set rules. Let him/her know that from this day onwards, “If they cry, you won’t respond.”

A piece of advice for parents is that instead of saying a straightforward “no,” it is better to ask them to manage their current situation or issue with whatever option they have in their hand.

  • Reward for Small Achievements

Rewarding and praising for good work can be your first step toward helping your child become joyful. A small star on the fridge for properly asking for candy or extra playtime for doing the homework without being sad can positively impact your child’s behaviour. 

It is always better to analyze feelings instead of focusing on tears. There might be many reasons for your kid to cry. Sometimes your kid may cry over little failures that are nothing when measured in reality.  

In such scenarios, it is necessary to explain to your child that failures are a part of life. They tell a person where improvement is required. Failures should be welcomed.

In many cases, kids do not have an obvious reason to cry. They can cry over a meal they don’t want to eat or clothes they don’t wish to wear. Such little problems do not let children categorize issues into big and small. 

It can be a tough task to make children aware of the difference between real happiness and materialistic happiness. However, with a few tips and programs of YellowClass, you can act smart and raise happy kids. 

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