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How to Make Academic Education Fun For Kids
July 03, 2021

What’s truly admirable about kids is their natural desire to learn new things. They’re constantly absorbing the world around them and are genuinely curious about how things work. However, much like adults, kids also like to learn in unique and different ways. Why then do we forget that every kid is different and must be taught uniquely? 

While some kids learn better through reading, others absorb more through listening or watching. That is why it’s essential to take account of the interests and personality of your child as a parent. 

Gone are the days when reading and filling in worksheets were the only way to make children learn something new. There are numerous other kids activities through which a child can learn in a fun and effective manner. Here are a few efficient ways to make learning fun for kids. 

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Use Stories or Poetry 

A super fun way to teach kids something new is storytelling. You can use both stories and poetry for the same. Plus, this learning technique is something you can actually have fun with in general. 

Imagine your kid is learning about a historical event. You can merely ask them to write a story around it while helping them remember the details. Dramatisation can be an effective and fun way to learn about something that’s otherwise mundane. 

Mix Games with Learning 

Why let games be restricted to being a leisure activity? You can ensure your kid mixes it with learning. Not only will it be fun but it’d teach them various skills and subjects. 

Remember the memory card game for currencies and capitals of countries we’d use for learning? Maybe it’s time to bring it back! At Yellow Class, we help you discover your kid’s interests with such fun activities for kids through online kids classes. 

Music For Retention 

Tunes and Lyrics can be used to help kids understand and remember facts and vital details. Facts learnt through music have a great recall value and do not seem to be mundane learning of information. So, if you have a musically inclined kid, why not try this out? 

Freedom Goes a Long Way 

Allow them their Space to Learn

We understand that as parents, you want to handhold your kid through any new learning experience. It is advisable to give them some free reign and not spoon-feed them every time. Kids like to be hands-on and experiment with new things. Allow them to make their own choices and learn from their own mistakes.

We know one place where you can start. Yellow Class provides multiple DIY crafts, kids craft activities, and hobby classes online that you can enrol your kid in. They are fun and give kids an opportunity to express themselves and showcase their creativity. 

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Physical Exercise 

While not many learning institutes use this technique, it is something that can work wonders for your kid. Getting kids up on their feet and making them do different poses and exercises can be a super fun way of learning. 

For instance, if your child is learning the names of vegetables, you can lay pictures of the same on the ground and ask them to jump on the one you name. It doesn’t get any more fun. 


At Yellow Class, we tap on the kids’ natural curiosity to learn new things and make learning a fun and rewarding experience. We offer many fun activities for kids online; alongside academic programs, there are several online hobby classes for kids to explore their creative, artistic side.

Learning can be fun only when kids get the opportunity to learn through a medium that complements their personality. So go ahead and find out how your kid comprehends best and provide them with the right avenue with Yellow Class’s unique approach to education. Check the website or the app and explore a plethora of kids’ activities and find the one best suited to your child.

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