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How can make your kids fell in love with reading
August 24, 2021

Reading is the equivalent of a workout for the mind. As a parent, you already know how essential reading is for your children. A child's attitude toward reading and learning is the most significant predictor of how well they will perform in school. 

In fact, according to research, children who read for pleasure are more likely to pass tests and gain a better grasp of the world around them. Moreover, it is also an excellent way of improving their communication skills and expanding their vocabulary.

While there are numerous advantages to reading, some youngsters dislike it. Do not be concerned if your youngster dislikes reading as everything will work out in the end. Here are some helpful ideas for turning a reluctant reader into a bookworm.


Read Stories to Them

You can always show your youngster how much fun reading can be by reading stories to them. Change your tone, use humorous voices, utilise props, and act when suitable while reading aloud to make the short story alive and engaging. 

Ask your youngster how they felt about the story after you've finished reading it. Knowing what your child enjoyed, despised, feared, or learnt from the story can help you better understand the types of books you should buy for them in the future.

Examine Their Levels

It's OK to push your youngster to learn new words or concepts, but first, you should figure out their present reading level. Always buy books appropriate for your child's age and reading ability. Don't encourage them by asking them to read something more complicated until they are comfortable with those books.

Set A Positive Example

Children idolise their parents. As a result, if you want your child to love reading, you must first fall in love with it too. Children who grow up around books naturally fall in love with them. Reading books with your child and cheerfully expressing your honest opinion will motivate them to begin reading books.


Make It The Kid's Choice

Allow your little ones to choose books the next time you take them to a library or a bookstore. When they pick what they consider to be good, it encourages them to indulge in it since it was their choice. It ensures that kids study books about subjects that they are passionate about.

Make A Separate Reading Area

Working with your child to create a reading nook in your house that is comfortable and distraction-free will help you create a space that prompts a person to read. The more time your child spends in this area, the more likely they will look forward to reading time. As a result, it will become one of the best fun activities for kids to do at home.

Give Books As Presents

For a birthday or any occasion, friends and relatives can offer the gift of books to children. It demonstrates to children that books are essential, engaging, and enjoyable!


Read A Little Everyday

Even if it's only for 10 or 15 minutes a day, try to read with your child every day. It will help children see reading as a valuable everyday activity and encourage them to read regularly. On the bright side, it will also teach them how to improve their English vocabulary (diction), sentence structure, grammar and language. In the long run, this can help them communicate their ideas more coherently. 


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