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How can dancing improve your little ones' memory power? Get to know!
May 25, 2023

Dancing is always a fun activity for kids. It is universally known that just a single dance class can do wonders in uplifting your child’s spirits! 

We often see how the little ones set themselves free, lose themselves in music and sway to the rhythm. Be it a catchy Bollywood dance number, or the most common wedding dance, your kids know all the hook steps to them and are not shy of practicing them whenever the songs play. 

But is dancing only a means of bringing joy to your kid, or does it have some scientific benefits for their mental health too? Dancing is beneficial for kids’ memory power and locomotor skills.

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Curious about how regular dance classes for kids can keep them fit while also boosting their memory power?

Take a look at this list of mental benefits of dancing for kids:

  • Dance can boost the cognitive abilities of kids 
    The cognitive abilities of kids depend on the neural pathways inside their brains. These neural pathways help them in accessing all the information stored inside their brain. When learning a new dance routine, your child’s brain creates new neural pathways which can provide better access to all the stored information, thereby boosting their cognitive abilities.
  • Dancing strengthens muscle memory
    Muscle memory of a dancer becomes stronger when they remember the choreography movement-by-movement. These movements become well-mapped inside the dancer’s brain. This further helps in creating a sort of shorthand between thinking and doing. By dancing more often, your kid can make their muscle memory stronger with every movement they learn and practice over and over again. 
  • Better motor learning with dancing
    Dancers tend to be better at motor skills as compared to those who don’t dance regularly. Their abilities to be aware of their bodies, muscles, joints, the position of ankles etc., tend to be much better than others. Regular offline or online dance classes for kids can help them develop good motor skills right from a young age.
  • Reduced risk of dementia 
    A study reveals that dancing is 76% effective in reducing the risk of developing dementia at a later age. It is the only physical activity that reduces the risk of dementia. As explained by accomplished neuroscientists, the reason behind this is that dance helps in building the complexity of neural synapses while also increasing the cognitive reserve inside the brain. All this makes the brain even more resistant to the effects of risk factors associated with dementia.


Be it Bollywood dance, folk dance, wedding dance, ballet for kids, it really doesn’t matter because all of them will help your kid’s memory power in the best ways possible.

Now that you know all about the amazing benefits of dance for your younger one’s memory power, there really is no reason not to enrol them in a fun dance class right away! Check out Yellow Class’s online dance classes for kids to get them started.

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