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Games to play with your kids before they turn 12
August 24, 2021

Games are a great way to connect with children. They enable us to spend fun time with them, while teaching them some valuable life lessons. Games help in skill development, building creativity, and also ensure children are having fun. There are several games that you can play with your child before they turn twelve. Some of the kid’s activities at home are given below.


1. Pictionary

Pictionary is a great learning game that can boost creativity, productivity, and improve cognitive abilities in your child. Pictionary games provide a great learning experience as they expose children to the thought processes of other people and improve their understanding abilities. It is also a great way to make Online kids’ classes fun. Here’s how you can play the game and enjoy some fun time with your kids.

Dots and Boxes

Keeping your kids engaged while simultaneously ensuring they are learning is essential. A game you should play with your kids before they turn twelve is Dots and Boxes. In this game, players connect dots and make as many boxes as possible. 

This game nourishes the kids’ capacity to think quickly and use strategy to beat the opponent. It is a great way to engage your kids and ensure they are developing new skills while playing. This is a great kid’s indoor activity

2. Cooking and Tasting Games


You can devise cooking games according to what your children like. For example, 'What am I eating' is a wonderful game where you can blindfold your kids and make them taste different things. Then you have to ask them to guess what they are eating.

Remember to get as creative as you can! You can play pizza making games, cookie baking games, taste testing games and much more. 

These are a fun way to involve all their senses, and it also allows them to enjoy delicious meals that have been prepared with their involvement. Such DIY for kids helps them understand simple ways to make great things.

3. Rhyme Games


Rhyming games are an absolute pleasure for kids and adults alike. It helps in improving their imagination, creativity, and comprehension skills. 

To enjoy the game, you and your kids have to make limericks that rhyme with each other. Either you can start the game by giving them the first line and ask them to say something with the last letter of the line. 

In each round, all the players have to add one line that rhymes with the last word of the last line. This will help in creating a beautiful limerick that you can read aloud later for fun. 

It is a great game to keep your 12-years old engaged while making sure they are having fun. These fun activities for kids let their imagination run wild. Such games can also be a fun yet educational break from Online kids’ classes.

4. Charades

Kids can never get tired of Charades. It is an easy to play game and can be played with names of movies, books, television shows, and even songs.

Playing charades can improve their acting and guessing skills, and ensure they learn new things. 

Charades is usually one of the favourite hobbies for kids. The best part is, you can customize it based on the people you are playing it with. Your kids will love them and will never get bored. 

Besides the above-mentioned activities, you can also let them indulge in online hobby classes at a young age. Yellow Class is one such platform that can help nurture your child’s interests and passion. Make their online hobby classes experience even more fun by planning different fun activities with your 12-year olds with Yellow Class! 

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