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Art & Craft Can Help Your Child Perform Better In Academics. Here's How
August 24, 2021

Art and craft develop the creative skills of children and improve their brain function. It gives a boost to their academic performance as well. Leonardo da Vinci, the famous figure of the High Renaissance, was a painter and an engineer, scientist, and mathematician. This explains a keen connection between fine arts and academics.

Art and craft skills benefit academics by raising the level of creativity and focus. Art and craft encourage kids to think out of the box and come up with an innovative solution to a complex academic problem. 


How Art and Craft Impact Academic Performance

Here are some ways in which art and craft improve the academic performance of your child: 

  • Changes a Child's Outlook: Art affects wave patterns of the brain and the nervous system. Moreover, it can raise serotonin levels. This gives your child a new outlook towards surroundings and raises their curiosity towards natural phenomena. 
  • Enhance Learning Abilities: Making sketches helps in improving and nourishing your child’s sensory, emotional, and motor capacities. It increases focus and attention span. These are required for learning new concepts. So art technically enhances your child’s overall learning abilities and helps them grasp academic subjects like science, language, mathematics, history, etc., better.
  • Improve Cognitive Capacities: Arts and crafts like calligraphy and pottery increase your child’s concentration. It helps them to improve their score in subjects like mathematics and science, which need complex cognitive and creative abilities.  
  • Strengthen Visual Analysis Skills: Painting, sculpting, and sketching strengthen your kid’s visual analysis skills. 
  • Sharpens Memory: Art and craft improve memory and thinking, reasoning power and understanding of your child. They can learn and remember things easily through such activities. 
  • Elevates Bilateral Coordination: Arts and craft refine your child’s bilateral coordination. Improved bilateral coordination helps them in using both sides of their brain simultaneously. Various craft activities such as splashing colours on canvas and moulding the clay with hands upgrades children’s motor skills.
  • Development Of Problem-Solving Skills: Drawing needs accuracy. So when your child tries to draw something with accuracy, their problem-solving and decision-making skills also improve.
  • A Balanced Approach: Last but not least, the adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your child can strike the perfect balance between work and play, curriculum-based studies, and unrestrained creativity by indulging in art and crafts. This eases off the burden of the academic curriculum and makes them develop more interest in studies.

Arts and crafts have multiple benefits for children and help in improving their academic performance as well. Parents should encourage their ward to participate and develop an interest or hobby in any type of art and craft. 

Many fun activities for kids are available on Yellow Class, an online hobby class for kids. If your child is interested in art and craft, you can enrol them in the classes on art and crafts for kids by Yellow Class. Praise your child’s work and display it to your friends, guests and family. This will work as a positive motivation for them, and they will learn more enthusiastically. 

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