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7 simple Ways to Improve your Child’s English at Home
August 24, 2021

How will improving English help kids?

There are many ways in which improving English will help children; some of them are:

  • Its universal adaptability. English is globally applicable; no matter where the child is, he can communicate with people without much difficulty.
  • More content is accessible. Be it hardcover books or softcopies, the most common language of translation is English. Similarly, documentaries, movies, and other audio-visual content in different languages are often dubbed in English.
  • The extent of use of English locally is another significant reason for learning English. Like in India, be it instruction manuals, menu cards in restaurants, gaming, etc. everything is usually in English.



The language is required not only for academic development but also for overall personality growth. English is an official language of communication in around 15 countries. Here are some methods to improve the English vocabulary and writing for kids:

Ways to improve English Verbal Skills

  • Start conversing in English

Start talking to your children in English; this does not mean we should strictly say no to our mother tongue. Rather, as parents, it is our responsibility to develop respect for both languages in our children.

When we start conversing with them in English, they will automatically grasp the language. They will learn new English words from us, and will gradually gain a command of the language.

  • Make them read books

When kids read stories in English, it will draw their interest, keep them entertained, and their reading skills will improve. You can teach them phonics, or buy them books on phonics for kids. This will help them understand the sound and pronunciation of different words.

Reading new words will enhance their English vocabulary. They will understand the usage of such words in real life. Thus, reading skills for kids are also very important in learning 


Reading Kid


  • Take help of English movies and songs

They can be one of the best sources to teach them how to speak English. Visual learning is the fastest way of learning. When they watch their favourite characters speaking in English, they will try to imitate and speak in the same language.

Ways to Improve English Writing Skills

  • Inspire them to write stories

Motivate children to write whichever story they like in their own words. They can even try to define a character of their liking. Story writing for kids is a great way to develop their interest in something new. It will also improve their creativity and imagination skills. You can check out creative writing classes for kids at Yellowclass so they can utilise their time.


  • Motivate them to maintain a diary

When they will write about their day and journal about it, they will be more confident in expressing their thoughts. Also, they learn new words which will enhance their informal communication. When performed regularly, the formal writing for kids will also improve.


Every child is different and has his own way of learning. If your child is learning slowly, give him his time. You can also enroll in online writing classes for kids on Yellow Class.  We provide access to more than 45 programs which includes free online story writing courses for kids, free kids phonics classes, and much more. You can enroll your children in any of them as per your and your kids’ preferences.