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5 Ways to Make Your Kids Self-reliant
June 18, 2021

Every parent wishes their kids to be emotionally independent and joyful, right? If you are sailing in the same boat, it’s time to bring a few changes in your ways of parenting. Just so you know what to do pragmatically, we've researched kids' psychology and come up with five science-backed, effective ways that will help you raise self-reliant children. Read on to learn the revelations:


1. Respect the Child's Efforts

A child is bound to make mistakes. When he/she does that, instead of frowning and going on a scolding spree, try and appreciate their efforts behind any task. This will make them feel that "trying hard" is a good thing and help develop a positive approach in life, even in harsh situations, without being pessimistic.


2. Let Them Help You With Chores

What good is self-reliance if a child is dependent on his parents for everything? The first step in making your kid independent is to allow them to participate in household chores with you. Their involvement in the housework will instil essential traits such as family values and self-care in them. Besides, they end up learning skills they can use later in their adult lives.

3. Give Them a Sense of Control

Research has it that parents who include their children in decision-making processes from an early age are more likely to have less-dependent kids. Also, we're sure that there are certain family situations where you are in a dilemma and need a solution. Reaching out to your kids won't harm.


4. Inculcate a Sense of Gratitude

Now, this is something that even adults are taught in those "spiritually-inclined" classes. We all know how life-transforming the G-word can be if practised heartfully. Teaching your kids to say "thank you" is the primary step towards instilling a sense of gratitude in them. Asking your children to pay gratitude right from their toddling age enhances their psychological and physical well-being, according to surveys. This eventually allows kids to lead a life with an optimistic, positive and independent approach.  


5. Hang Out With Them

Last but not least, hanging out or spending quality time is the key to building a strong and beautiful relationship with your children. Science says indulging in happy moments with your children leaves an imprint in their memories that portrays you as a friend rather than just a parent. This gives children a sense of belonging, which is crucial to their happiness and independence.  


Being self-reliant is vital for kids to take control over their lives, take care of themselves and stay motivated from within. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you raise a happy, self-dependent child and nudge them closer to a healthier future.


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