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5 ways to help your kids become a great communicator
August 24, 2021

Parents of young children have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. One of them is making sure that their child learns to communicate well. 

Developing good communication skills is one of the top qualities needed to become successful.

A child requires assistance from their parents in order to become good at self-expression, listening and good conversation. 

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Here are five tried and tested valuable tips that will significantly help parents accomplish the challenging task of turning their little ones into great communicators:

1. Channeling Curiosity

“Why does a butterfly have wings?” “Why is the sky blue?” “How many stars are there in the night sky?”

These are questions that every kid has asked their elders at least once. Your little one is naturally curious. They want to know everything, and they think a lot more than you think they do. 

To make them great communicators, start asking them about the whys and hows of their actions and their statements. This will get them into the habit of self-reflection and self-expression. 

2. Setting a Good Example

Children learn a lot by observing what goes on in their environment. Therefore, parents become one of the primary sources of learning how to communicate.

Set a good example for your children by expressing yourself clearly whenever you’re holding a conversation with anyone. By seeing you converse well, they will start replicating your good conversation etiquettes and developing their own. 

3. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to get your child to start expressing their thoughts well. Many good communicators have a habit of penning down their thoughts and feelings often. 

Source: Freepik

Starting small and building from there is the key to getting your child to develop a journaling habit. 

4. Choosing Hobby Classes

Get your child enrolled in some online hobby classes where they have to engage with children in their age group, along with teachers and mentors. Extracurricular activities are a significant part of every child’s life. Choose activities that boost your child’s skill of communicating with others.

Conversational English for kids and English grammar for kids can be some good hobbies to take up. Classes like Yellow Class that focus on personality development can also teach essential communication skills to your child.

5. Read and Discuss Books

Reading is a great life skill to develop. Children (and even adults) who are avid readers have better opportunities of developing communication skills.

Start reading with your child, and afterward, discuss what they thought about a particular chapter or event in the book. This exchange of ideas can boost their communication skills.


Great ideas turn to dust if they can’t be communicated well. 

People with good communication skills can achieve almost anything in life simply because they possess the ability to express their thoughts effectively. 

At the same time, communication skills cannot be mastered overnight. Becoming a great communicator requires persistent effort from both parents and the child right from the start.