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5 reasons why kids should start journaling and how
August 24, 2021

Journaling is an art. It is an art that can be extremely helpful in becoming a better communicator and developing better forms of expressing oneself. 

Journaling has several benefits that should prompt all parents to encourage their children to take up journaling regularly. 

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Let us look at some of the many benefits of journaling for your little ones -

1. Journaling can fuel your younger one’s creativity
Journaling has a unique way of stimulating the creative side of your child. When they sit down with their journal, their mind may wander to places. They might recall old events, but they can also imagine new things! There is no limit to a child’s imagination when they sit down with a pen and notepad to make a journal entry.

2. Journaling improves your child’s writing skills
This is one of the most significant benefits of journal writing for kids. Writing even a single page every day in their journal will immensely improve your child’s vocabulary and writing skills. Many accomplished writers and communicators regard their childhood practice of journaling as one of the most important factors behind having their way with words.

3. Journaling also improves reading habit
Journaling is not just about writing; it is also about developing a steady reading practice for kids. Make them understand the value of reading to improve their vocabulary for writing better. You can also make them read their previous entries in the journal and ask if they would like to rewrite something. This can be a great English reading practice for kids.

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4. Regular journaling increases attention to detail 
Storytelling for kids is as much an art as is drawing or painting! When they have to get themselves to write an experience in story form in their journal, their mind will try to get in on as many details as they can. Journaling will train their minds to pay intense attention to details from an early age.

5. Journaling can pave the way for self-reflection  
Journaling can bring out a more self-aware version of your child. They can better understand their actions and reactions to a certain incident when they reflect on it again for penning it down in their journal.  They will learn to see the other side of the story and become more thoughtful of their actions. Self-awareness is a precious gift that journaling can cultivate in your child.

So now that you know the benefits of journaling, how do you get your child started?

It is easier than you would expect!

  • The first step will be to get them excited about taking up a new hobby. Take them to a nice shop that has beautiful journals and let them choose their journal! 
  • Help your child put up a nice and quiet writing space where they can sit, think and write. Get them to decorate the space as per their liking. An attractive desk space can be the first invitation to sit and write.
  • It is advisable to let your child’s imagination run free. Let them choose what they wish to write about.
  • Encourage them to read more to improve their vocabulary, which is crucial to writing.

And most importantly, do your best as a parent to keep them motivated to journal regularly!

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