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5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Mindful And Focused
August 24, 2021

We all know how beneficial mindfulness is to our health. Mindfulness can help children improve their ability to pay attention, calm down when disturbed, and make better decisions. It aids in having control over your emotions as well as cognitive focus. Online hobby classes can help your kids to be more mindful and focused through various fun activities online

Here are some ideas for teaching your children to be mindful and focused:

Mindful Eating

It is a practice of focusing on the sensory awareness of food and the experience that revolves around it. It can help a kid be present in the moment while also focusing on what goes inside their body.

How to do it? 

  • Savour your food by chewing slowly.
  • Cut out the distractions like turning off the TV.
  • Stop eating when you are comfortably full.
  • Appreciating your meal

It is one of the great kids activities at home that has immense benefits. 

Partner Breathing Exercises

An instruction to just pay attention to the breath can be challenging to follow for young toddlers. For this, you can ask them to perform breathing exercises by having a companion. Tell your child to get a stuffed animal and lie down on his back with their companion on his belly. As they breathe in and out, the rise and fall of the plush animal will draw the kid’s attention. This helps them improve their focus.


Take Mindful Walks

An observation walk is one of the most popular fun activities for kids. Take your children on a walk around the neighbourhood and tell them to look for items they've never seen before. You can also set aside some time for your stroll to be entirely silent and ask your child to listen to all of the sounds in the environment like birds chirping or the wind swoosh.

Practice Being Grateful

Gratitude is an essential aspect of mindfulness. You can teach them to appreciate all the things that add value to their lives. It is something you can do at dinner, where your kids can each share one thing they are grateful for in their lives. It is one of the most enjoyable exercises for children that can help them learn to be mindful.

Writing for Kids

Writing requires concentration. When you indulge in this practice, it helps you be “one” with your mind. This can also help you destress. Kids can keep a routine journal, intentions journal (noting down how your day should go), gratitude journal, or maybe simply a story writing book. This not only improves their visualisation skills but can also help improve their vocabulary. In the long run, it can help with their communication and social skills.


Another best way to teach your kids to be mindful and focused is by enrolling them in Yellow Class. The Yoga for a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind Session will help your children relax and calm down. With the tranquillity that Yoga gives, it can help them release all of their stress and worry while also becoming more mindful. Check out the Yellow Class Explore page today, and find out the best activities for your kids!

Above all, don't forget to have a good time and keep things simple. You can provide your children with a variety of opportunities to add valuable practices to their life; some will work for them, while others will not. Experimenting with these, on the other hand, can be a lot of fun and also help your kids achieve their goals.

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