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20 Small Gestures that means a lot to Kids
August 24, 2021

Parenthood has its share of ups and downs. You have to be your child’s guardian and friend at the same time. It can be daunting to find the right balance. 

In every relationship, there are ways to make people feel special and loved. The relationship between you and your child is no different!

Small gestures that might seem trivial to you can have a very big and positive impact on your child and your bond with them. 

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Although every relationship is unique in its dynamics, and you might already be aware of what makes your child go giddy, there are a few small gestures that you could consider trying out. They are known to put a big smile on all kids’ faces. 

  1. Create a special handshake with your child that goes beyond just holding hands. Let it be something that they can practice with you everywhere you go, exclusive to you and your child.
  2. Set up a few code words. They could be about anything under the sun! Your little one will feel more understood.
  3. Go for picnic dates regularly. Take your child out to new and fun places as frequently as possible.

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  1. Let loose whenever it’s harmless. Your child wants to go out and play in the rain? Let them and join in on the fun!
  2. Give them small surprises for their meals. Prepare something they weren’t expecting but make sure it’s something that they like. You can do this now and then.  
  3. Join in on their fun activities online and offline. When your child is enjoying themselves in online hobby classes, ask them to repeat what they’ve learned for you and do it with them. It could be anything; yoga, zumba, calligraphy. The list can go on and on.

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  1. Plan some weekend getaways throughout the year. Take them out of town to explore new places with you and create lifelong memories.
  2. Play their favourite song and cheer them on when they shake a leg!
  3. Make handmade jewellery with them and wear it often. They will see it as a symbol of your love for them.
  4. Get crafty with storytelling. Spice up children's stories by using hand gestures and voice modulation.

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  1. Do something “off-limits” with them. This could be as simple as staying up past their bedtime or eating an extra bar of chocolate.
  2. Let them off the hook when they cannot meet your expectations even after giving it their best.
  3. Shout and laugh as much as they do whenever you visit an amusement park.
  4. Make a photo album with all of their childhood pictures and look at it with them often.
  5. Video call their grandparents with them more often.
  6. Leave some encouraging (and sometimes funny) messages for your child every day on post-it notes.
  7. Share stories of your childhood with them. Discuss the fun times and also the rough ones.
  8. Let them fight their own battles when things aren’t too serious.
  9. Go for some evening walks with your child and buy them an ice cream cone. 
  10. Shout out loud when your child finishes that race whether or not they secure a rank.

Small gestures can go a long way in improving your bond with your child. Try them out now and then, and let your child know through your actions how much you adore them!